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About Us

Novaks’ Gymnastics Center has brought gymnastics, and tumbling to the families of Northern Virginia since 1992. The mission of Novaks’ Gymnastics is to teach gymnastics in an exciting way that focuses on safety, discipline, and proper progression. 

We don’t necessarily aim to build Olympic champions in our classes (but if that interests you, our teams offer that level of commitment); instead, we focus on instilling a lifelong commitment to physical activity and an opportunity for children to meet new friends and have fun learning new skills. We have options for everybody here—come by and we’ll find a program that fits your athlete’s needs.

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Our philosophy is to provide children with a safe, fun-filled, progressive learning experience through the sport of gymnastics, which includes trampoline and tumbling. Participation in these sports not only improves a child’s physical well-being but also helps establish new levels of self-esteem and confidence as they accomplish new skills. Children will also improve social skills as they learn to work together in our skill circuits. Our program will give children the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun while learning new skills. Each student is challenged to reach their goals in the program in which they are participating. Novaks philosophy is instilled in each and every child.

To gain self-esteem through self-discipline; To achieve accomplishments through hard work; To find inner peace through inspired direction; To increase confidence while diminishing fears; To be shown discipline and learn respect; To be proud of your talents; To take pride in your team; To know the meaning of team spirit and the limits of individuality; To know the exultation of victory and the heartbreak of defeat; To be happy with yourself.

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