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Come Celebrate Birthdays, Special Occasions, or Just Fun Days!


Novaks is a unique birthday party venue for any child, gymnastics athlete or not. A birthday party is 90 minutes long, which consists of one hour of gymnastics fun and 30 minutes in our upstairs balcony for cake, ice cream, and presents.  Novaks provides the invitations and coach; you provide the cake, ice cream, and all other birthday incidentals. The coach remains on the premises while the party finishes upstairs for the last half hour. For an additional fee, you may request in advance of the party an extra half hour. If the party runs over your paid time, we reserve the right to bill you. Our parties are usually scheduled every Sunday afternoon, but it is also possible for them to be scheduled during the week (in the morning or early afternoon) for preschool age children.

Scheduling Your Party

Any child invited to your party must have the Novaks’ release agreement signed by their parent. To make things easier, we’ve included the release in our provided invitations (below). To reserve a day and time for your party, please call or email our office. The party must be paid in full when booking. A final count (UP TO 12 OR 13+) must be given 72 hours prior to your party.  If you must cancel, please do so as early as possible, at least 24 hours prior. You will be reimbursed the paid amount less $50. If less than 24 hour notice to cancel, there is no refund given.  If you call to schedule a party, we will hold your request for two days or as agreed upon until deposit is made in the office.

Birthday party at Novaks Gymnastics.


 Have fun at Novaks Gymnastics.

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